Squad members are responsible for overseeing the response to emergency situations  such as unplanned interruptions, malfunctions for 24 hours 7 days a week They coordinate all of the resources and personnel needed to resolve these incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.

Their job is to make sure that everyone is working together in a coordinated fashion to resolve the major incidents according to protocols and restore provided IT services to normal operation as quickly as possible.

Responding to a reported service incident, identifying the cause, and initiating the incident management process. Prioritizing incidents according to their urgency and influence on the business. Communicating with upper management if major issues are found in the IT system. Managing the incident team members by re-assigning workloads and re-scheduling non-urgent tasks.

Team has also opportunity to develop improvements and automations via scripting, programing and . using dedicated tools to make daily work smoother and communication faster.

Part of the team is engage into building chatbots using Google DialogFlow, either as Intent Creators or developers.


  • Incident Management: 65%
  • Meetings: 20%
  • Develoment tasks: 15%

We are looking for you if:

  • You are eager to work in good, supportive team,
  • You can prioritize your tasks,
  • You are resistance to stress,
  • You are able to take a fast decisions and act under time pressure,
  • You are able to search for information and combine them into bigger picture.

Additionally, you will score for:

  • Incident management experience
  • Very good communication skills
  • Experience with agile way of working (Kanban or Scrum)
  • Knowledge about chatbots (intents creation)
  • Programming or scripting in one of following: Pyrhon, C#, Java, Kolin, VBA, PowerShell
  • Knowledge about networks
  • Windows or Linux administration skills
  • Other IT related skills

ING Hubs Poland


ING Hubs Poland 

We are an integral part of ING, we value knowledge and relations, inspire and support each other at achieving our goals. Until recently, we were knows as ING Tech Poland. We decided to change our name to ING Hubs Poland to better reflect the wide range of our services, going beyond technology. 

Thanks to the experience that combines IT with knowledge of the financial sector and the ability to build products and comprehensive services, we hold a unique position at ING. We use this potential to optimize processes and lead business units through the digital transformation.

We are one of global hubs providing technology, data and risk services for ING units all over the world! Our IT areas include IT security, remote, application and hosting services. Our operational services are provided by  units such as RiskHub, CardsHub, Know Your Customer, Centralised People Services Hub and ComplianceHub. For almost 20 years we have been taking up challenges and proving that we are a trustworthy partner supporting ING in digital transformation.

Join ING Hubs Poland board and specialize in best technologies: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Java, .Net, Python, Linux, Kubernetes, Ansible, Gitlab, Angular, Tomcat, Kafka, Spark, Nessus, ElasticSearch, VMware and many more.

In our organization, the world of technology goes hand in hand with business and operational services. 

What do you gain by working with us?

·       You expand your knowledge thanks to cooperation with specialists and experts,

·       You improve your qualifications thanks to the possibility of obtaining certificates,

·       You have the opportunity to participate in internal trainings, where our internal trainers share their knowledge on solutions provided to our customers,

·       You have a chance to work on international projects,

·       You will find out what it means to have a well-tuned team and great atmosphere at work