• Industry: Finance industry
  • Remote work: 100% remote
  • Project language: English 
  • Project length: Long-term cooperation
  • Start: 01.07.2023
  • Assignment type: B2B

We are looking for experienced Azure DevOps Engineers / SRE Engineers. The project will involve the creation of a new platform for insurance billing with the US health service. 

Key goals:

  • Implement an automated deployment of applications and infrastructure through automated CI/CD pipelines leveraging Azure DevOps
  • Deploy all cloud infrastructure via IaC – leveraging Terraform, reusable across environments managed via config files
  • Implement cloud resources (Azure at present) via CI/CD
  • Implement security best practices such as static code analysis, code vulnerability scans, container image scans, key vaults, certificate implementation, renewals etc., through automated DevSecOps processes
  • Implement code / config file driven SRE practices for observation - such as monitoring, alerting, incident creation, routing to the NOC / support teams as the process demands
  • Improve reliability, quality, and time-to-market of our suite of software solutions that power the Healthcare industry
  • Measure and optimize system performance, with a goal toward pushing our capabilities forward, getting ahead of customer needs, and innovating for continual improvement


  • Develop reusable templates, modules and pipelines.
  • Develop self service capabilities linked with ITSM to increase productivity of developers and IT users in general.
  • Develop the capability, automation, and processes for continuous deployment (deployment of releases at any time)
  • Gather and analyze metrics from operating systems as well as applications to assist in performance tuning and fault finding
  • Gather metrics for predictive analysis of conditions in order to prevent incidents
  • Develop automation for self-healing of incidents
  • Partner with development teams to improve services through rigorous testing and release procedures
  • Participate in system design consulting, platform management, and capacity planning
  • Create sustainable systems and services through automation and uplifts
  • Play an active part in sprint planning, user story writing, and daily scrum calls to ensure development and delivery of the products as outlined in the roadmap.
  • Play a key role in technical planning, architecture development, and modification of specifications for cloud computing environments, DevOps, CI/CD, and automation.
  • Begin to influence the department's strategy and to align deliverables to achieve IT roadmap.
  • With analysis and technical reasoning, Influence decisions on moderately complex issues regarding technical approach for project components


 The focus would be on 1 or more of the objectives listed above:

1.Solid experience in Azure

  1. AKS, Azure App Services, Redis, Service Bus, Event grid, App Gateway, Azure FontDoor, ArgoCD, Istio, Helm charts, Virtual Machines, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Functions, Azure Automation, , Scale Sets, Azure Policy, Azure Monitor, Azure Backup, Azure storage, Azure DNS, Load Balancer, ACR
  2. Cosmos DB, Azure SQL, PostgeSQL
  3. Key Vault, certificates, RBAC, Azure AD, Azure Security, SonarQube, CheckMarx (or equivalent)
  4. Azure networking, VPN, CIDR blocks, subnets, firewall rules, NSG, etc..

2. Scripting / Programming

  • Terraform, Azure ARM Templates
  • Python, GoLang, PowerShell
  • Coding experience beyond simple scripts

3. Containers

  • Docker
  • Writing Dockerfiles
  • Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or Docker Enterprise
  • Configuring and deploying applications in a Kubernetes cluster via automated CI/CD pipelines leveraging manifests/helm/ArgoCD etc..

4. CI/CD

  • Experience one or more CI/CD tools such as Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitLab, or Bamboo.
  • Familiarity with GitOps as well as GitFLow methodologies
  • Branching / merging strategies

5. Site Reliability Engineering

  • Experience with monitoring tools such as New Relic, DataDog, Azure App Insights, Log Analytics, or equivalent
  • Familiarity building scripts, automation and orchestration to ensure reliability of services, scalability, DR etc..
  • Ensuring insights to produce root cause for incidents

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package


  • Bicycle parking
  • Shower
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Chill room
  • Integration events
  • Cold beverages
  • Hot beverages

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