• You can choose your individual workplace and organize your flexible work time. Including working remotely from home. 
  • We offer this position remotely throughout Germany or Brazil. Please note that we are currently not able to offer a remote position in any other country.

Further Training

  • Comprehensive and individual training. You can choose further training offers, for example via certifications, conferences, meetups, and much more.

International team and English as company language

  • Take English or German classes during working time. Exchange cultural habits [and delicious food and dishes ;-)] with your team members since they have various cultural backgrounds.

Community Work

  • You are invited to actively participate in workshops, conferences and meetups such as KubeCon or CNCF Meetups to present and discuss your innovative design and implementation approaches with the community and represent the company.
  • Use the possibility to produce content such as technical articles, videos or talk proposals featuring your own research, design and development to let the community know about the product(s) you’re working on.

Family and Professional Life

  • Profit from our family friendly and family-like atmosphere. We also give the opportunity to work part-time, let us know if that’s what you wish during the recruiting process. 
  • Since dogs are an integral part of our family they are also welcome in our offices. In addition, in our office rooms we offer physical training possibilities and relaxing areas to free your mind.

Very well

  • Implementation of microservice architectures and corresponding test suites.
  • Realization of automation solutions for different data services, like PostgreSQL, including test suites.
  • Conduct comprehensive code reviews.
  • Integration of your results in CI/CD pipelines.

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language, preferably Ruby and/or Go.
  • Familiarity with versioning tools, at best with Git.
  • Experience in the implementation and automation of tests, e.g. unit tests, integration tests, End2End tests.
  • Profound hands-on experience with distributed systems and concurrent programming.