The HUNT team uses state-of-the-art techniques to improve existing monitoring capabilities and monitor new risks on the security landscape. Hunters develop new solutions and test new products to improve detection and aid in analysing security incidentsAs a data scientist in our HUNT team, you would be responsible for the entire lifecycle of our analytics models. You will learn and teach, interact with more experienced and junior colleagues, and be part of the data flow design, model selection, optimisation, and finally, deployment of AI-driven models. Those models cover a diverse set of use-cases within the domain of security detection.


  • maintenance of existing data models: 40%
  • developing and enhancing numerical (ML) models: 60%

We are looking for you if:

  • You want to be part of an international, diverse, dynamic and skilful team of peers
  • You are willing to learn and share knowledge within and across teams
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in the Artificial Intelligence domain or a strongly related area
  • You are an experienced Python programmer familiar with mainstream ML/analytics libraries (e.g. Sklearn, PySpark, NumPy, Pandas)
  • You are knowledgeable about statistical inference (e.g. predictive analytics) and machine learning, for example (un)supervised learning, clustering, regression, classification
  • You have a solid knowledge of Apache Spark and are familiar with Jupyter notebooks (e.g. zeppelin)
  • You are familiar with (or willing to learn) AIOps, CICD, ML pipelines
  • You are familiar with SQL, Linux systems, and command-line interfaces
  • You have some experience with data collection, organisation, and visualisation tools and techniques

Additionally, you will score for:

  • Experience with Big Data,
  • Skills required to develop, implement and continuously improve data pipelines,
  • More than 3 years of experience in the Analytics domain,
  • Practice in multi-national complex projects,
  • Being able to explain complex concepts in simple terms
  • A security background..

ING Hubs Poland


ING Hubs Poland 

We are an integral part of ING, we value knowledge and relations, inspire and support each other at achieving our goals. Until recently, we were knows as ING Tech Poland. We decided to change our name to ING Hubs Poland to better reflect the wide range of our services, going beyond technology. 

Thanks to the experience that combines IT with knowledge of the financial sector and the ability to build products and comprehensive services, we hold a unique position at ING. We use this potential to optimize processes and lead business units through the digital transformation.

We are one of global hubs providing technology, data and risk services for ING units all over the world! Our IT areas include IT security, remote, application and hosting services. Our operational services are provided by  units such as RiskHub, CardsHub, Know Your Customer, Centralised People Services Hub and ComplianceHub. For almost 20 years we have been taking up challenges and proving that we are a trustworthy partner supporting ING in digital transformation.

Join ING Hubs Poland board and specialize in best technologies: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Java, .Net, Python, Linux, Kubernetes, Ansible, Gitlab, Angular, Tomcat, Kafka, Spark, Nessus, ElasticSearch, VMware and many more.

In our organization, the world of technology goes hand in hand with business and operational services. 

What do you gain by working with us?

·       You expand your knowledge thanks to cooperation with specialists and experts,

·       You improve your qualifications thanks to the possibility of obtaining certificates,

·       You have the opportunity to participate in internal trainings, where our internal trainers share their knowledge on solutions provided to our customers,

·       You have a chance to work on international projects,

·       You will find out what it means to have a well-tuned team and great atmosphere at work