About Us:

Building challenging applications for our partners lets us go outside our comfort zone and rethink our approach and processes for software design, development and delivery.

Innovation was always our key objective from the moment we started in 2010. Thanks to this, through the years, we have helped our clients in building and upgrading their products.

Thanks to our long-lasting knowledge and experience sharing in product development areas, we built a culture that allows us to learn faster than single-product companies. As a result, we can build software products more efficiently.


We provide complex advisory and product development with a team of business-oriented and experienced professionals who are assigned exclusively to your product and work full-time as your external CTOs. It makes your product grow faster, more stable and you don't need to invest time and resources in building an in-house tech team.

Software product development

We provide comprehensive services that cover the product lifecycle from the idea stage and design, through implementation and deployment to the live environment, analytics and future iterations.


We strongly believe in Agile, but at the same time, we understand that every project is different and requires a personalized approach to management and organization of work. We value fast delivery of working code, ability to test and iterate on existing features and also put people at the front.

Tech stack

Vue.jsReactElixirPhoenixNode.jsSwiftKotlinJavaDartRubyRailsNextNuxtCocoapodsCarthageRomeFastlaneSourceryDangerSwiftLintSwiftGenXCodeGenGitlabDaggerRxJavaArchitecture ComponentsJetpackExpressoMockitoJunitOkHttpRetrofitGildePicassoWebRTCExoPlayerCypressJestFirebaseAndroidiOSFlutterFlutterGitHubGitHub ActionsGitLab-ClWeb

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