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The OneSoil team develops free mobile and web apps for farmers, agronomists, and agricultural consultants. We're among the first companies on the international market that analyze satellite images and build machine learning algorithms for agricultural tasks.

This field doesn't have any ready-made solutions yet; every new task is a leap into the unknown. That's why this field's pioneers have a chance to do something truly revolutionary. OneSoil is building the largest free web platform in the world that analyzes remote monitoring data and provides farmers with insights about their fields.

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About us:

  • We have 400,000 users from 180 countries.
  • Our top markets are Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, and Russia.
  • Our team is made up of over 50 people from 6 countries.
  • We have offices in Zurich, Minsk, and Warsaw.
  • The average age of our employees is 30 years.
  • We develop our own algorithms for processing and analyzing satellite data.
  • Our team has several agronomists and a network of farmers that helps us develop our product.

Our offices

  • Zurych

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