Tech MeetUp: Application Security from Theory to Practice

Join a technical meetup organized by Motorola Solutions. The topic of the meetup will be application security.
13.04.20232 min
Tech MeetUp: Application Security from Theory to Practice

We would like to invite you to the next Tech MeetUp organized by Motorola Solutions in 2023! 

  • When: 18.04 (Tuesday) 18:00
  • Where: Browar Lubicz, Kraków

It is not new that evolving the cybersecurity threat landscape makes software security more important than ever. As software solutions grow in complexity with more dependencies and moving parts, they are becoming increasingly difficult to secure.

During the upcoming Tech MeetUp, cybersecurity practitioners from Motorola Solutions will address the topics related to cybersecurity.


I topic presented by Speaker Jakub Galas - Software Engineer & Security Champion at Motorola Solutions:

Cybersecurity on autopilot

About the topic: One of the biggest challenges of the modern cyber world is how to stay secure. It is even harder because of rapidly changing technologies and attacks techniques. One of the popular practice that might help is DevSecOps. I will talk a little bit about security scanners (SAST, DAST, SCA) and general automation in the cybersecurity world.

About the Speaker: Jakub has been working in Motorola for over 5 years. Starting as a software developer now focus on the security aspect of the products in his department. Enthusiast of the automation and DevOps approach.

II topic presented by Speaker Piotr Furman - Staff Engineer at Motorola Solutions:

Passwordless and Passkeys: Cybersec buzzwords or the future of authentication?

About the topic: Passwordless authentication is promoted by the biggest OS and devices vendors, especially since the fall 2022. Maybe you use the method already, but you wonder how it works exactly. How hard is it to add passkeys support to your product? And is it really worth it? Because, what's wrong with passwords anyway? 

About the Speaker: Piotr used to be a software developer for several years. As time passed, he slowly shifted from regular programming rather to ensuring applications' safety. Now he's assisting multiple various teams across the company to deliver secure products to our customers. 

Special guest during the Tech MeetUp will be Michał Sajdak!

Michał is a founder of sekurak.pl and IT security consultant in Securitum. During the speech, Michal will talk about whether hacking web applications is easy.

Each presentation will be closed with Q&A session and all participants of the meeting will receive vouchers for a drink and a small snack. 

During the meeting a short contest will be conducted where the prize will be walkie - talkie.

Don’t forget to register via the link: Tech MeetUp: 18.04.2023

The number of participants is limited (100).