1.12.20202 min


Linux booting and hardware management

Take part in a free Nokia webinar called "Linux booting and hardware management", which is a part of the "Are you proficient in IT? So we are." series.

Linux booting and hardware management

The webinar is a part of the series called "Are you proficient in IT? So we are." and will be broadcast on 1st December at 5 p.m.. The speaker will be Karol Przybylski.

About the speaker

Karol Przybylski is working as an R&D Engineer in a team involved in HW verification of Nokia 5G telecom modules. His interests are embedded technology and applications, especially those involving Linux. In his spare time, he likes to search for absurd humor and play story-heavy games.

About talk

In this webinar I will showcase how a device running Linux can go from a lifeless piece of silicon into something that can run Minecraft or check if there is a cat in the picture. We’ll examine different stages of booting and take a closer look at initramfs. We’ll also look at how hardware is represented by the kernel, how it can be managed from userspace and how device nodes are created. Content will be focused around embedded devices, however most information will also apply to desktop distributions. 

Table of contents

  • Overview of Linux boot process - from flipping the power switch to a login prompt, with a closer look at initramfs
  • Hardware initialization and managing device nodes in userspace
  • Kernel device drivers - overview of anatomy and practical demo
  • Tips and tricks on debugging and finding reliable information