8.12.20202 min


A battle Through History: Is Java Still Relevant for Software?

Find out in the webinar, "A Battle Through History: Is Java Still Relevant for Software?" on 10th of December.

A battle Through History: Is Java Still Relevant for Software?

We are happy to invite you to join free Luxoft Webinar: A battle Through History: Is Java Still Relevant for Software?

Java is not a teenager anymore. With almost three decades in the market, Java has had a very interesting history and evolution. It played an important role in as the new way to build software for free in the new OOP programming paradigm at the time. However, after all these years, is Java still relevant for the market? Is Java a dead language? Does it make sense to invest time and effort in this old-fashioned language?

We will go through the Java’s important features over its lifetime, the evolution of the technology, and its current features so the audience can more fully understand the magic of the language and decide how relevant Java is for the industry nowadays.


When: December 10, 2020, 4:30PM

About The Speaker

David Santana - David Santana is a software engineer who has experienced the ups and downs of software projects for more than 15 years in several locations across Europe as well as South and North America. His passion for software started in 2000 when he studied programming as part of getting his bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Through his use of software, he combines creativity and art through computing.

David has also studied computer science, software engineering, and management. He has worked in various companies ranging from startups to big corporations such as Luxoft, Oracle, Sun, IBM, Allianz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Credit Suisse, among others.

David loves meeting new people, relaxing in the sun on the beach with the ocean roaring in the background, dancing Salsa/Latin rhythms, playing soccer, and most importantly sharing knowledge across cultures via conferences, lectures, classes, and meetups where he can discover and validate new ideas and compare reality with theory, all the while learning from the experts he meets.