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Jit Team – the human factor of IT

We are a team full of teams! We build software development teams for our clients operating in various branches of business. We believe that the most important factor, even when technology is concerned, is the human factor. Our main value are JIT people, who are excellent specialists.

👉 We are transparent and honest to ensure the cooperation with our clients and employees is successful and long-term.

Jit Team is all about four main values – HUMAN, TECH, TEAM and FAIR PLAY. 

🙌 HUMAN Building time proof relationships both, within the team and with our clients is a priority 

🙌 TECH We live and breathe software. Tech is the cornerstone of each service we provide

🙌 TEAM We go the extra mile to form highly communicative and truly agile teams providing efficient tech solutions

🙌 FAIR PLAY Down to earth honesty is an inherent part of cooperation with the Jit Team. We play fair, always

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