• HR: No
  • Number of employees: 200
  • Capital: mixed
  • Złota 59, Warszawa, Warsaw

About us

We are not looking for employees, we are looking for personalities   ITDS is a consultancy for financial service providers and we’ve served renowned Dutch and Polish insurers, banks and pension funds since 1998. We combine the experience we’ve accumulated with our in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation, and digital marketing. Because that’s where you’ll find the cutting-edge solutions that will make all the difference.                                                     OUR VALUES                           Work assumes value if it’s done with heart and soul                                               WE DARE TO LOOK BEYOND

The happy medium? Boring! We look further and take a different turning. From our position of independence, we can see that little bit further. We share every opportunity, even if it might seem too early to do so. After all, change begins with vision.

                                        OUR DRIVE WILL INSPIRE YOU

Everything could be better. Always. Faster. Smarter. And more fun too. And we’ll take you with us. Show you different ways of doing things. Our people bring energy and a fresh outlook to the party. And when we’ve gone, they stay.

                                           WE ALWAYS KNOW MORE

We ensure that we know everything there is to be known in our field - as well as its periphery. Then we link that knowledge to concrete opportunities. You can only claim thought leadership if you can prove you have it.

                                           WE ASPIRE TO THE BEST

Whatever we do we aim to excel. Because you deserve it. And because ordinary is so boring. We see the success of your project as our personal responsibility. Which is why we only stop when it cannot be improved upon.

                                     IT IS ONLY FINISHED IF IT WORKS

Whatever the problem, we’ll find the solution. With a practical plan, a flexible attitude and our sleeves rolled up, ready to get stuck in. If turning left doesn’t work, we’ll turn right. And as often as it takes to find the best solution.

Why it's worth to work with us

  • You are sharp. You know instinctively which direction to go. And hesitation is alien to you. You can combine courage with tact and a great sense of humor. It enables you to get everyone onside. Because you want to get something done in an environment that matters. Does this all sound like you? It does? Now we’re curious: are you ready for ITDS?


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