Grand Parade part of William Hill

Grand Parade part of William Hill

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We’re Grand Parade – Hi!

Krakow is the home of our tech hub. We’re obsessed with building advanced products and systems that power online sports betting and gaming. And those products are used by millions of people world-wide every week - and we’re pretty proud of that. 

Our systems are highly reliable and resilient with low latency. In fact it is similar to the transactional systems big banks might use but we think it’s a bit more fun here at William Hill. 

We process as many online sportsbook bets per second on a typical Saturday as Amazon UK on its busiest day of the year. We deliver complex systems in a highly regulated environment, yet one that prides itself on customer interaction and innovation. 

And to build those products, we need extraordinary people. That’s where you come in. 

Whether you’re a backend developer processing 160TB of data daily to data scientists and front-end developers keeping track of all the new JS frameworks – there’s actually something for everyone. 

Tech stack

ReactRedux-SagaGraphQLWebsocketsKotlinRobotFrameworkGatlingsocket.ioZabbixWebpackPHPScalaSwiftRabbitMQKafkaSeleniumSpringNode.jsAnsibleDockerJAVARedisAkkaCassandraDynamoDBCouchBaseJavaScriptJava 8MicroservicesAWS StackCSS-in-JSJS ES7Node JSCSS3HTML5MarvenRESTTomcatGraphicQLSplunkScivisumRundeckCA APMCA UIM

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