As we all know that Canton,China is the famous for its ultimate pursuit of the good tasty foods, JOJOSE pronounces in Spanish is just like the how it sounds in Cantonese 好好食 (hâo hâo shí), which means very delicous. it reflects JOJOSE FOODS has the recognition of the foodies.  

JOJOSE FOODS found that many young people do not like to eat simple potatoes, but prefer to eat French fries and potato chips. So we began to lead the team in research and development, using the most popular Pringles brand potato chips on the market as the benchmark product, the team spent half a year developing potato chips that are as crispy and delicious as Pringles and can be stacked!

JOJOSE not only brings more cost-effective delicious snacks to customers, but also does OEM for many brands. At the same time, it has been continuously developing and producing products that customers love, such as instant noodles and fruit jelly.

JOJOSE uses lively graphics and words to integrate cheerfulness into the brand, highlighting the fashionable and dynamic brand image, rewriting the dominance of the snack market, and becoming a casual puffed food brand loved by domestic and foreign consumers.

We are confident to meet the demand of Clients from all over the world.

With the strong experience of the R&D Team, we have been satisfying many Clients by providing them the right products with the right taste for their market. 

JOJOSE FOODS facility has the high quality certificates of ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, FDA, etc.

The premium quality, nice color, competitive price, and great taste lead JOJOSE to the leading supplier, exporting the products to more than 130 countries and regions. We are Proud to Bring to Our Customers Healthy Products With Highest Quality and Greatest Taste.

We provide OEM/ODM services of Pringles style potato chips, instant noodles, fruit jelly, and looking for distributors all over the world.

Contact for more details, the good business starts here!

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