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DNA Technology

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DNA is a technological partner with roots in Swedish culture. Its key pillar is solving problems together, which we value more than simply writing lines of code. We make it our business that everyone still has the energy to pursue their passions when they get in from work.

What we have at DNA is:

- AUTONOMY (at DNA, there is no permanent team lead position - leadership emerges to meet a specific need at the right time. Once you get your chance to hold the steering wheel, go ahead and challenge yourself as the leader!)

- TRANSPARENCY ( you are up to date with our business position, including the direction in which our business is going)

- PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING (we have built a safe workplace where there is room for both learning and drawing conclusions, including learning from mistakes. If you happen to slip up, consider it a valuable experience, helping you polish your skills and grow)

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