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Indeema is an engineering company that knows everything there is to know about the digital world, connected devices, and Internet of Things technology. Furthermore, we are perfectly aware of how to use our skills and knowledge to create game-changing IoT solutions. Due to the increasing number of connected devices in the world, we work in every known industry  

The experience you gained at Indeema will help you grow professionally while creating powerful IoT solutions. 

  • New and high technologies on projects
  • Development of innovative IoT solutions
  • Highly competitive market salary and regular reviews
  • Dynamic working environment with daily challenges
  • Mentoring of Team Leads
  • Modern and inclusive office and equipment

An Atmosphere of Respect. We have mutual trust and rely on one another. All with due regard, of course. It is concerned not only with interpersonal relationships but also with any level of management.

  • Cohesive team
  • Respectful workplace
  • Responsiveness and assistance from any colleague
  • Low bureaucracy
  • Knowledge sharing on Tech talks

Tech stack

IoTSwiftJavaKotlinQt, C / C++Javascript: Angular, React, Node, Vue, NestAWS, Azure, Google Cloud

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