EDC - Engineering Design Center

  • http://www.edc.pl
  • HR: Yes
  • Number of employees: 1800
  • Capital: mixed
  • Al. Krakowska 110/114, Warsaw

About us

Our digital teams are a part of a bigger technological family of Engineering Design Center (EDC), located in Warsaw. Once upon a time a global company, General Electric, together with the Institute of Aviation decided to cooperate with each other and build our international organization. We are those superheroes who present new opportunities, new ideas and totally new solutions regarding the Industrial Internet of Things.

More about us: www.edc.pl

What you would create with us?

  • Avionics embedded and safety-critical software
  • Applications for flight data post-processing and analytics
  • Applications to optimize aircraft engines fleet management and business processes
  • Applications to monitor & enhance the performance of Reciprocating engines to be run in the back-end real-time environment
  • Robust algorithms to predict remaining useful life of key components for Reciprocating engines fleet
  • Applications to optimize Reciprocating engines downtimes and to increase the availability of the equipment


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