Elixir/Phoenix & React Development Services for Web & Mobile Apps

Curiosum is a Software Development & Consulting team for startups and established businesses.

Curiosum builds Web & Mobile Applications with a quality-first approach, using state-of-the-art technologies and efficient processes that simply work for startups and established businesses alike. We believe in Elixir & Phoenix is the perfect platform for the future because of its scalability, productivity and efficiency/performance. 

We help our partners achieve their goals by staying cohesive and competitive, with the latest tech and top experts. Our team uses the best tools and all work is thoroughly quality-checked. Check our services:

The owners of Curiosum, Szymon Soppa and Michał Buszkiewicz are eagerly invited guests to podcasts on Elixir technology, Michał also had the pleasure to be a speaker at one of the most important events of this community - Elixir Conf EU 2021. The developers at Curiosum are #BusyBeingCurious, but their curiosity goes far beyond programming concepts. Many of their publications are educational content for business and start-ups, such as a wide series of articles on MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Check more here:

Using the Elixir programming language, they are like magicians who will conjure up everything you need on the backend in the application code. Does this mean that they will not be able to cope with the front? On the contrary - almost half of the team are also React specialists.

Our experience includes working in international projects for large healthcare systems and recruitment platforms, as well as solutions for e-commerce, entertainment and e-learning. See some of our projects in Curiosum's portfolio:

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