We are an international digital product design & development studio based in Warsaw, Poland.

What makes us a unique employer is that we are functioning on the intersection of digital and physical products. Our team currently has over 70 people on board, we are somewhat surprised to realize that it’s been 11 years already since we have started the company. Not only do we help startups make their dreams come true, but we are also working with scale-ups and corporations such as iHeartRadio, HQTrivia, Jeep, Maserati, and Oura Ring. You can see our selected projects on Dribbble here:

Our work day does not consist of straight coding. We plan for an effective work day, leaving room for fiddling self-development projects every day. We host internal meetups and hackathons and make sure we’re always on the bleeding edge of technology.

Tech stack

AndroidiOSKotlinJavaSwiftObjective-CReact Native