Neti Sp. z o.o.

Neti Sp. z o.o.



Neti is a Software Development boutique and technological partner from Poland. We work mainly with small and medium-sized businesses working as an external IT department or extension of your existing software development teams.

We focus on blockchain- and web-based solutions for companies and institutions looking for long-term engagement technological partners.

Working with us you may expect:

  • High-quality engineers- the reliable team managed by us or by you (depending on your preferences)
  • Synergy effect- knowledge of our whole team (40 people) working on your project
  • Verified approach- we are not new; we have defined a unique concept that allows us to quickly bootstrap your project, ensure that we are "on time & budget"
  • End-to-end solution- if your project requires additional resources for a short time - we will take care of this too. Independently if we are talking about UI/UX designer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, QA specialist, or someone else - we will take care of this and deliver specialists who probably already worked with your team, which guarantee way better results at the end of the job.

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