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Booksy is the leading beauty marketplace for finding, scheduling and managing appointments (with over $1.3bn annualized GMV run-rate and over 9 million bookings per month worldwide), anchored by a SaaS app for business management. 

Our mission is simple, to bring peace of mind to scheduling giving time back for living life fully. We are a dynamic company experiencing tremendous growth filled with opportunities for professional development for all different skills and backgrounds - from the people who develop our product to the people who develop our services. Whatever your role is within Booksy you can see your direct impact daily!


Our company is headquartered in Poland and has around 1200 employees based in offices across 8 countries (US, PL, UK, BR, ES, ZA, MX, FR). This global connection allows Booksy employees to share business ideas across the world making international co-working a part of our everyday routine.


Booksy raises $70M war chest to acquire salon appointment apps, expand internationally (

Booksy as a global leader after the merger with Versum! (

Booksy raised $119m in VC funding to date with investors including Cat Rock Capital, Sprints Capital, Piton Capital, Enern, Industry Ventures, XG Ventures, OpenOcean, Manta Ray Ventures, VNV Global, Inovo, Kai Hansen and Zach Coelius. We also partnered with major tech brands including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Yelp to ensure seamless booking experience directly on their platforms. Booksy is also within the select group of global providers integrated in the Appointments on Facebook scheduling tool. We have been successfully delivering on the customer-first promise, with over 65% of merchants likely to recommend Booksy to a friend or colleague. Our leadership team commands a mix of track-record at highly successful startups (iTaxi, Eo Networks, Docplanner) as well as experience from leading blue-chip and consulting companies (Google, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Groupon, Wonga, McKinsey, Kearney, PwC, EY). Booksy has been experiencing rapid growth and this momentum is on track to continue into the future.


#1 People First - We empower and elevate the service provider, the consumer, and their communities. We build relationships and experiences, and we apply a human touch to everything we do. We live by the golden rule—treat others as you want to be treated. As we grow, we will remain authentic, transparent, and trustworthy; not only with whom we serve externally, but also how we serve each other as Booksy employees.

#2 Act Like an Owner - You’re a proud, passionate guardian delivering Booksy to the world. You follow through on your promises while taking responsibility for your actions and their results. You go the extra distance to deliver on every commitment. You make day-to-day decisions with care and ask yourself, “How can I leave things better than the way I found them?”

#3 Work as a Team - You use a broad mindset to collaborate well, and you take an interest in understanding how your team, other teams, and Team Booksy achieves success. You clear the way for others to help progress. You’re inclusive—giving credit to those who contribute and breaking down barriers between departments, groups, and people. You take care of one another and trust in each other’s ability to do their job.

#4 Shoot for the Moon - You shoot for the moon going beyond boundaries and taking a different approach when you hit obstacles. You’re ambitious in setting your sights on the best, never settling for what’s mediocre nor taking “no” for an answer. When a door shuts, break a window.

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