• https://www.tuatara.pl/
  • HR: No
  • Number of employees: 130
  • Jerozolimskie 132, bud. Delta, Warsaw
  • Św. Rocha 5/210a, Białystok

About us


TUATARA is not a software house, a consulting company, a marketing agency or an analytics company. We mix all of those, top it with adaptability and bake in thoughtfulness. Do we match your taste? Try or ask those who already have. 


Our main goal is to support business challenges effectively. With an agile model as the basis of our work, we believe in changes that can only be achieved by listening to clients’ needs. We are not afraid of taking the risk. A bold approach allows us to translate business needs of our clients into artful solutions. 


In TUATARA, we combine business with technology, we believe technology can also be an art - the art of useful. People who choose to join us have the knowledge and experience that, combined with passion, creates an explosive mixture, which drums our crew up every day. 

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