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zoovu is the market-leading provider of omnichannel Digital Advice and Guided Selling solutions.

Started in 2006, zoovu today is used by multiple global businesses of all sizes and industries - in more than 100 product categories and in over 35 languages. Our platform is ideal for any company that understands the power that lies in helping shoppers choose and wants to create more personalized and hassle-free shopping and choosing experiences

Being the leading provider of digital advice solutions, we know how overwhelming it can be to make the right decision. Faced with as much as 35,000 of them per day – zoovu is here to make sure that at least a few of them are correct. Actively helping people make the right decisions is only a small part of what we pride ourselves in. As an international company, with five office locations we bring the word diversity to a whole new level. With over 100 professionals striving together towards a mutual goal – we create the perfect environment for those who love to tackle on a challenge.

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