Hi! We represent Ragnarson, one of the most transparent and self-organised software house in Poland. We build an environment that empowers people, make them self-aware, encourage them to think outside the box. The value we deliver to our customers is provided by our team, which we carefully built under strict requirements.

Great Team

We understand that people are the ‘key ingredient’ to success. This is why for about 12 years we have been putting together a great team who spent most of their professional life at Ragnarson. Maturity, independence and self-drive those are the skills we are looking for in candidates.

Inspiring Leaders

We wouldn’t be where we are now without the drive and inspiration coming from our leaders - Maciek, Mariusz and Grzesiek. It’s them who push us constantly to grasp for more knowledge, experience, perspective and share our thoughts with others, so they can grow too.

Strong company culture

We spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that we work towards the same goals. So we have identified 5 core values that we live with: Growth, Responsibility, Commitment, Openness, Delivering Value. They helped us with decision making on a daily basis and are deeply ingrained in all of our business process.

Self-management & self-set salaries

We believe that one of the best ways to grow as a person is to have interdisciplinary knowledge and experience. This is why, at our company, everyone wears many hats. It obviously doesn’t happen all at once. All developers have responsibilities apart from writing code. One of them is setting their salary. Twice a year we gather the whole company in Łódź to share work-related feedback and set salaries.


We ensure that everyone in the team has a perspective on how we run the company. All the bright and dark sides of our business. This knowledge is necessary for day-to-day decision making in which we encouraged all team members. So you will have access to all documents, financial reports, recruitment, sales, etc. to help you get involved in the company matters.

Digital nomads & remote work

It’s possible to combine the passion for travelling or any kind of interest with work. We enable people to arrange their work surroundings as they like. Some of us have been digital nomads for years and have worked from amazing places all around the world. Remote work is also great to all home birds, who like to work in a familiar environment.

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