• Maintain cloud infrastructure using cutting-edge infrastructure-as-code tools; e.g. Pulumi
  • Monitor and troubleshoot automated workflows in the cloud; e.g. using Kubernetes or AWS Lambda
  • Assist in the administration of Cloud Security; e.g. VPC/Subnet configuration and IAM policies
  • Support colleagues in the effective use of cloud resources
  • Quickly configure proof-of-concept cloud resources for onboarding of new customers, and later convert these to maintainable, well-structured, and well-documented project

At ACCURE, we empower batteries and those who use them.

Batteries are a key element of our clean energy and mobility future. ACCURE makes batteries safe, reliable, and sustainable through the power of the cloud. Using our highly scalable monitoring and optimization platform, we drastically improve the performance of batteries in electric vehicles or grid storage around the world.

Our mission: Safe, efficient, and sustainable batteries for a clean energy future.

To do this, we need passionate builders and storytellers. At ACCURE, people with diverse professional backgrounds work together on our common vision of a clean energy future. We value passion and humbleness and are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our fast-growing, international team.

The Offer

  • Direct involvement with technologies that are at the forefront of the global energy transition
  • Hone your skills with a modern cloud-native tech-stack, that’s always improving
  • Utilize the world’s largest battery-operation database
  • Powerful hardware and working environment/IDE of your choice
  • A lovely office at the heart of Europe; with remote working possibilities
  • Flexible scheduling and a competitive salary

At ACCURE, we're committed to cultivating an environment that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion. We believe our unique qualities must be celebrated as they are critical to our innovation. It's essential to us that you bring your authentic self to work every single day, no matter your age, ethnicity, religion, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, neurodiversity, or otherwise. Inclusion isn't just an initiative at ACCURE. We strive to embed it not just into our core values but throughout our entire ecosystem.

  • A passionate, self-motivated, programmer with a “can-do” attitude
  • 3+ years of experience working with a cloud-provider (especially AWS) in an agile DevOps environment
  • Multiple years of programming experience; especially Python
  • Experience with common collaborative development practices and tools; especially git and CI/CD
  • Capable of administrating Kubernetes clusters, and debugging pods/services running within
  • Excellent communication skills in English (written and verbal)
  • Experience running distributed computational workflows; especially scientific workflows
  • Experience with serverless architectures; especially AWS Lambda or AWS Batch
ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH

ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH