• Serve as an expert in cloud security, specializing in the deployment of SAP ERP/ S4/Hana in cloud environments, adhering to our security frameworks and industry best practices such as NIST.
  • Continuously monitor and report on solution vulnerabilities and adherence to compliance standards, providing ongoing insights into progress.
  • Lead discussions and initiatives concerning cloud and infrastructure security architecture within the OFP program.
  • Actively engage in discussions and decision-making processes pertaining to cloud and infrastructure security.
  • Offer guidance and assistance to stakeholders participating in the OFP program regarding cloud security requirements and considerations.
  • Collaborate with architects, developers, and suppliers to provide feedback, review designs, and steer development towards secure solutions.
  • Assist with threat modeling and analysis of attack surfaces to enhance security measures.
  • Conduct verification tests throughout the development and testing phases.
  • Influence business priorities and address implementation complexities from a security standpoint.
  • Take a leadership role in cloud and infrastructure security as an integral member of the OFP program.
  • Evaluate the business impact and risks associated with cybersecurity, establish and monitor plans for remediation.
  • Serve as an expert in identifying, preventing, and responding to cybersecurity threats and incidents.
  • Contribute actively to the Supply Information Security and Data Privacy team.
  • Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of Group's frameworks, standards, and best practices in Cybersecurity, information security, data privacy, and business continuity.
  • Consistently uphold values and serve as a role model for evidence-based business leadership.
  • Collaborate closely with counterparts across Group to reinforce and enhance the overall offer.

  • development budget
  • external trainings, intracompany trainings, soft skills trainings and mentoring
  • industry-specific e-learning platforms
  • space for experimenting
  • substantive support from technological leaders and technical knowledge exchange within the company
  • sharing the costs of: sports activities, foreign language classes, professional training & courses
  • private medical care, life insurance
  • hybrid work and flexible working time
  • corporate products and services at discounted prices
  • retirement pension plan
  • pre-paid cards
  • employee referral program
  • charity initiatives and family picnics

  • Experience as Cloud Security Specialist with a background in implementing cloud security requirements, ideally within SAP systems.
  • Demonstrating a practical and adaptable mindset coupled with strong determination to achieve results.
  • Integrity, dependability, and talent for motivating others and implementing innovative approaches. You make a significant impact and inspire others irrespective of their role or hierarchical position.
  • Possessing extensive knowledge of IT and digital structures within the supply chain industry, including strategies, operational methods, and key concepts such as information security, data privacy, and business continuity. Proficient in various methodologies, frameworks, and practices.
  • You derive satisfaction from establishing purposeful businesses through fostering authentic and trusting relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, and business associates.
  • Collaborative nature and leadership style, which emphasizes both technological advancement and interpersonal dynamics.



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