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Oops! You've come to the experts - you can end your search!

It all started with an application for managing ads on large screens - now we are changing ideas into working software! We are simply people for whom creating is "cool" - software development is a passion! It is thanks to passion that we are 120% involved in every project.

We work for you - your goals and needs are our direction on the road to success. Passion, however, is not all - the experience and knowledge gained from various industries causes understanding of the most important question in the world "Why?". If the team understands why you want to do something, then you can be sure of your success.

Yes, we know IT, but our main specialization is web applications (browser software), advanced payment methods, communication systems and Crowdfunding platforms.

We start working on your product with product workshops, the plan of which is selected individually. This is to detail the processes in the product and, above all, to tailor the product to the needs of your users - a very important issue! We work together all the time, like a good old marriage. We do not wrap around the bush and shorten all processes to the necessary minimum.

We treat each project individually and we also choose technologies that are within our competence. From the beginning we have been associated with Angular, in which we can code with our eyes closed. In addition, we also use Vue.js, PHP, Symfony or TypeScript. We put the scattered database in MySQL to our feet during the morning coffee. You do not believe? Check us out! ?

Each member of our team is independent, but together we form a self-organizing team. In addition, our CEO is always available to you and you can go with him to lunch together to talk about the effects of work.

You don't have project documentation yet? Hmm, nothing terrible. We will create it together.

There are rumors around the city that we have 100% efficiency in EU projects, so if you need support in writing an application, we are at your disposal. Officials will be surprised ?

You don't know about technologies? You don't have to, that's our team! 

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