Demant Technology Centre

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  • Al. Jana Pawła II 22; 00-133, Warszawa

Umiejętności techniczne cenione u nas

O nas

We are a young software R&D Centre, part of William Demant Group - one of the largest hearing healthcare company's in the world with an annual revenue of over 1 433 million euro. We are dedicated to exploring new technologies and providing innovations that can empower people with hearing loss. At Demant Technology Centre we conduct research and develop advanced technologies that aims to set the benchmark for the hearing healthcare business. We develop our products based on Scrum. It brings us great results in delivering highly innovative products. We are fully committed to the realization of our ideas using both: the potential of our employees and the needs of our customers. Currently we are looking for talented, passionate people who would like to use their skills and knowledge working with us. Join us and create solutions that changes people's life!

Co możesz z nami tworzyć?

We use technological knowledge and professional expertise to design, develop and deliver advanced software that improves everyday life of those who struggle with hearing impairment. Our software modernizes and improves the quality of daily life – settings are personalized and may be adjusted to individual preferences. Our customers are able to choose what and how they want to hear. Thanks to our technology also children with hearing impairment can focus on the sound of the voice and, as a result, learn how to speak, regardless of their hearing loss.

Technological development of our software is as important as the user experience. We constantly test our products and engage customers in the process to create the best possible solutions and first-class software, which will meet their expectations and needs. We provide software for hearing aids, which could be operated from any device: smartphones, tablets, desktop apps, and even cloud computing.


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