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O nas

 DeLaval is the market leader in milking equipment employing 4,500 people in more than 100 markets. Our dairy farming partners benefit from over 120 years industry experience, sharing complete solutions with trusted local support and service. Our research and development programmes ensure that farmers can rely on DeLaval to help them preserve cow health and support the production of quality milk.


Co możesz z nami tworzyć?

We work with experienced Software Engineers that use variety of technologies, programming languages (C#, Java, C/C++, SQL and Python) and different platforms (Windows, Linux, embedded software). If you’re more into hardware, we have a lab where you can help us setting up testbeds for our devices or test those devices directly.

As a  Software Engineer you will be responsible for development of Dairy Farm Management products and systems. The Farm Management systems are built of fully autonomous robots, conventional milking parlors, feeding equipment, PC systems and a broad range of techniques to manage and support the farmer in his day-to-day business.

What we use and how we work:

  • C++ 14, Boost, STL
  • GTest, GMock
  • Python for automated integration testing
  • C# and .NET Framework 4.6.1, Visual Studio 2017
  • DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF)
  • SQL Server 2016
  • NUnit, Moq, NCover, FxCop, StyleCop
  • Git, Jenkins, Continuous Integration
  • 100% unit test coverage policy for business logic
  • Code Reviews (mandatory), Pair Programming (on demand)
  • Scrum, Kanban

Dlaczego warto u nas pracować

  • Possibility to work on a desktop solution for managing dairy farm that is used globally and well appreciated
  • A different and fun area of the software development - in DeLaval developers can work on the tangible products and see how their products work in the real environment
  • Possibility to learn good coding practices from experienced colleagues
  • A new and a modern office, use powerful laptops to make work run smoothly


  • Pakiet medyczny
  • Pakiet medyczny dla rodziny
  • Pakiet sportowy
  • Pakiet sportowy dla rodziny
  • Zimne napoje
  • Gorące napoje
  • Owoce
  • Przekąski
  • Lunche
  • Konferencje
  • Szkolenia
  • Książki
  • Parking dla samochodów
  • Parking dla rowerów
  • Prysznic
  • Pokój relaksu
  • Pokój zabaw dla dzieci
  • Imprezy integracyjne


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