ALTEN Polska Sp. z o.o.



ALTEN Polska is an ALTEN Group representative in Poland, based in Warsaw, but having it's offices also in Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk. Being a part of ALTEN group means that we benefit from experiences gathered in over 20 countries worldwide. Currently, ALTEN employs over 33000 specialists (88% of which are engineers) whose technological knowledge and expertise builds a brand of a global leader in engineering and technological consulting with yearly revenue exceeding EUR 1,748.3M. Our daily operations involve commitment in such advanced and modern industries as Aeronautics & Space, Defence & Security, Automotive, Rail/Naval, Multimedia/Electronics, Telecoms, Energy, Healthcare, Banking and Finance. We are developing rapidly our new offices in Poland with ambition to become one of the key technology market players in the coming years. Our company, founded by engineers, is aimed to provide exceptional service at the core of most innovative endeavours - and we will be pleased to welcome motivated, skilled engineers, specialists & experts to help us develop our brand even further and to contribute in modern company's history.  

Tech stack

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