Imagine that you have a medical device at your home that allows you to remotely diagnose your health without leaving your home. Device that allows you to perform basic examinations for yourself and your family members, and the results can be sent to a doctor, who will analyze them and make a diagnosis. And now imagine that you have the opportunity to create this solution: the device with the software in cooperation with us! :)

Meet HigoSense - a start-up that created Higo® - a certified medical device that allows for remote examination like: throat and ear imaging, lung auscultation, heart auscultation, HR, temperature measurement and skin examination, supported by AI algorithms. The Higo System, in addition to the device itself,  includs mobile and web applications, backend of course, as well as software for testing machines on the production line and tools for building and developing AI. We work with major medical players on the European and African market (we cannot reveal the details yet, but we will let you know immediately as soon as it will be possible!). Recently, we have also received another investment round for the amount of EUR 5 million and we are constantly developing .

Our team it is nearby 40 specialists in Development, Product Design, Regulations, Customer Care, Back Office, as well as doctors and engineers in various fields and technologies. Among them you will find a 6-person team of experienced Developers (together with the Head of Software Engineering Bartosz Janiak), whom you will join. People who are in the team work mainly on the back-end, also front-end soon (at the moment we are supporting an external software house in other areas)!

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