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Sigma Software is a place where Nordic Traditions meet Ukrainian Spirit to create Superior Software. We combine the best practices and approaches from Swedish and Ukrainian cultures. Taking high demand for quality, minimal hierarchy, freedom of decision-making, and attention to every opinion from Swedes, as a Ukrainian company we demonstrate flexibility and dedication to every project and every customer.

We are IT consulting and software product company with development offices in Ukraine, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Poland, and Australia. We deliver smartest solutions to our customers in the areas of government, telecommunications, advertising, automotive, gaming, and others. Being a part of Sigma Group, one of the largest Nordic IT corporations, we are a global player with more than 5000 employees in 12 countries and over 2000 in Ukraine.

Мы работаем со стартапами, производителями программного обеспечения и предприятиями, предоставляющими продукты и услуги, которые больше всего подходят нашим клиентам. R&D-центры компании осваивают трендовые технологии и направления: Infotainment, AR/VR, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence и другие.

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