DNA Technology



"We spend 1/4 of our lives at work so why not to make it a place you co-create, where your opinion matters, you feel safe and you do meaningful things"

We are not just a software house, nor are we an outsourcing or body leasing agency. We are the home of business growth. Our goal is not to write lines of code but to solve real-life problems with code among others. We build products we identify ourselves with and software is usually a crucial ingredient.  

We are proud that thanks to our work we helped among others: 

  • neurodivergents (people with autism spectrum) to grow as human beings regardless of their ability to function,
  • people to have more convenient access to blood tests which leads to faster diagnosis of their health state,
  • students to become financially independent by making gig economy more accessible to them,
  • people to save money by making it a fun activity associated with positive emotions

What members of our team appreciate most in our company is: 

  • autonomy and end-to-end responsibility for a product resulting from flat structure of our company - a team takes ownership of architecture, quality, technology and way of working (there are no architects, team leads, junior or senior developers - let’s focus on cool work to be done instead of titles and hierarchies etc.),
  • opportunity for mastery at various technologies - we focus on a problem first and then find the best tool for that instead of being tied to one technology only,
  • serving greater purpose by building meaningful products and co-creating a company where psychological safety and fun matter.


If it is also important to you, join our team. 


DNA Technology is a business unit of Digital New Agency responsible for product and software development. We’re an experienced technology partner working with companies of different sizes - from developing startups to engaging in digital transformations of large enterprises. 

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