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    We are a game studio specialized on cross-platform (web & mobile) games, based on the newest technologies. Work with us on multiple award-winning games!

    In our company, we approach each one individually. Really. We are not a corporation - just the opposite! We have a flat structure and partnership rules. Project Manager is at the same time your partner in the team, not just the person who outsources tasks to you. We value your independence and we are happy to support your own ideas and concepts, if only they prove sensible and possible to implement :)

    The development path is determined after an individual interview with each candidate. We want to constantly improve the competence of our team, so we want to give you the opportunity to spread the wings under the guidance of more experienced colleagues.

    Fuero Games is an independent game development studio established in 2012 in Warsaw, Poland.

    The team consists of more than 40 professionals who worked on AAA titles on all imaginable platforms which have earned the recognition of the players and critics all over the world.


Creating amazing games that will engage players for years by passionate and talented teams.

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