We started a few years back as Crello, creating our own SVG kits on all platforms. Since then we’ve grown everyday, offering our users unique and easy ways of creating their own designs in a simple and effective way. Tons of templates are being created to support our users requirements. Lately we’ve become a Vistacreate by partnering up with companies such as 99Designs, Vistaprint and Wix. We are going through an amazing transformative process and we are thrilled to grow faster than ever. We look forward to seeing your talent take flight in our mission to become the marketing partner that helps small or individual businesses look and feel legitimate and credible.

By joining Vistacreate, you will be working with highly qualified professionals across the globe. You’ll be responsible for key service components. You'll ideally be a self-starter, proactive in identifying issues and their solutions. You'll coach and mentor. Through your work, you’ll define and implement services that make up a vital sub-system in your area. You will be faced with complex, ambiguous problems and be given the autonomy to define an approach.

Very well

  • We at Vistacreate value autonomy, alignment and accountability within our Product Teams. We expect from our engineers driving and improving our Engineering Principles, Production standards, as well as leading various incident learning debriefs. There is learning and opportunity at every step.
  • We follow the “you build it, you run it” principle. The latter means that you will be shipping your own code to the production and you are responsible for creating various dashboards, metrics to track that everything is running properly. You will be conducting technical design reviews and you are always open to provide feedback on other’s design reviews within the scope of your team’s responsibility. One of the main focuses during our transformation period is a proper documentation of components being implemented and knowledge sharing.

What is required?

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Practical experience with Node Js.
  • MongoDB experience.
  • Work experience with AWS.



VistaCreate (ранее Crello) — это платформа для графического дизайна, на которой каждый может быстро саватостротротротро. Навыки дизайна необязательны. VistaCreate сочетает в себе мощный онлайн-редактор загрузки с загруженной постоянной библиотекой изотекли. Платформа доступна для Интернета, iOS и Android. 

VistaCreate имеет удаленную команду, работающую со всего мира, с увеличенными коворкингами в Киеве и Лимасе. В нашем освоении более 100 человек, и это число продолжает расти вместе с продуктом и пользовательской базой, поэтому мы всегда ищем таланты, чтобы наше освоение энтузиастов.