The project from the pharma industry is about processing the data collected from the patients through tools like smartwaches etc. The collected data, the so-called "Digital biomarkers" support or will replace in the future classical diagnosis (x-rays, blood collection, etc.).

We offer

  • Remuneration based on a B2B model: 17 136 – 20 496 PLN (102–122 PLN/h) + VAT wages may vary depending on experience and qualifications of a given candidate.
  • Transparent wage model; disclosed margin for 7N. The aforementioned wages are target wages paid to the consultant for the subcontracted work
  • Clear wage model (75/25). 7N Consultants receive 75% of the amount paid by the Client. These are final wages to be received by the consultant.
  • Professional development support. We subsidize trainings, technical certificates, conference participation, and foreign language classes. Additionally, 7N Consultants have opportunities to take part in internal training sessions and develop their interpersonal skills within the framework of the 7N Secret Code. Learn more about it here: 7N – The Secret Code
  • 7N Inspiration Team’s support and an opportunity to join their ranks. They are a group of 7N Consultants who consistently and actively share their professional knowledge and expertise. Read an article from one of the 7N Inspiration Team’s members here: 7N - From Gitlab CI to Azure App Service   
  • Cooperation with real experts – the average professional experience of a 7N consultant is 10 years. Check out one of our discussion panels here: Does a Scrum Master need a background in programming (in Polish)
  • Comprehensive and personal project support from one of a 7N Agent. Priority regarding project continuity and quality. See what one 7N Consultant said about the role of 7N Agents and project opportunities.
  • Numerous (10-12 each year) high-end events – both online and offline. See the 7N KickOff 2019 clip here:  
  • Healthcare, Benefit Multisport and life insurance subsidies regardless of cooperation model. Access to Mindgram, a psychological support and professional development platform.


KotlinJavaAndroid SDKRxJava

  • At least 5 years of experience programming on Android platform
  • Have strong Kotlin and Java programming skills
  • Have professional experience in design and implement modern applications architecture (e.g. Clean Architecture, MVVM, MVP, etc.), experience with code review of such apps
  • professional experience with Android SDK (Sensors, Camera, Admin, Services, etc.)
  • Have very good knowledge of Android Jetpack components (work manager, paging, recycler view, etc.) and dependency injection (Dagger 2, Koin)
  • Have very good knowledge of RxJava and Kotlin Coroutines + Flow
  • Experience with writing unit and instrumentation tests (JUnit, Mockk, Robolectric, Espresso)
  • knowledge of ITIL and AGILE (SCRUM/KANBAN) processes
  • know HTTP-based services such as REST
  • have knowledge of continuous integration and build automation (Bitrise/Gitlab)
  • Very good English verbal & written communications skills 

Packages and extras

  • Healthcare package
  • Healthcare package for families
  • Leisure package
  • Trainings
  • Language courses


  • Integration events



We are an agent for high-end IT professionals. Founded in 1988, with 30 years of operation we have proven that a clear and transparent financial model, collaboration exclusively with top IT experts and taking the best possible care of them comprise the optimal IT consulting model. We act as an individual agent for our consultants, promoting their competences to our clients and offering them a wide range of projects. All this is supplemented by financial transparency, strong career development support and professional stability (long term cooperation). That's 7N.