The subject of the project is to carry out R&D works to develop and implement CalfCam - a solution for cattle breeders. It enables automatic detection of the upcoming birthing action and further monitoring. 

More technically, CalfCam is an advanced AI-Camera, designed to be installed in a delivery pen. It consists of a software component (neural networks for the analysis of animal behavior) and a hardware component (an autonomous camera and computer device). 

Note: We have many projects from various fields (security, retail, medicine, life-science), so even if you are not interested in this particular project, we are still open to your application and talking about other perspectives. 

C / C++Embedded Unix / Linux
Very well
PythonDeep Learning

  • Mainly you will work with deployment Deep Learning models using frameworks such as TFLite, TVM, ONNX, TensorRT and integrate them with a physical product that will include Edge AI such as Jetson, Google Coral, Intel NCS, or another. 
  • Then, you will support our hardware Alliance in testing and solving problems during the exploitation. 
  • Also, it would be nice if you wanted to develop our Deep Learning models. 

As a Deep Learning Embedded Systems Engineer, you will be responsible for implementing neural models (with an emphasis on Computer Vision) on embedded systems. For us, it is OK if you are passionate about good software design, software performance optimization, and Software Craftsmanship (no such thing as it works for me or the tester is for testing). Also, we emphasize communication - not refraining from asking for help, reporting problems, being kind to others. Next thing that is important for us - is a solid foundation. We value graduates of electronics, computer science, mechatronics, and other related faculties (or hardworking and passionate geeks 😎)

  • Excellent C and modern C++ and decent Python  
  • Algorithmic skills  
  • Extensive experience with embedded Linux   
  • Experience with video streaming technologies, codecs such as H.264, H.265  
  • Experience with hardware such as ARM/STM32, DSP, IO controllers, and Compter Vision SoC platforms.   
  • Experience with profiling hardware resources  
  • Experience with communication standards and protocols such as TCP/UDP, Bluetooth/BLE, USB, HTTP/Wi-Fi, MQTT-SN.   
  • Familiarity with Deep Learning algorithms and basic knowledge of Pytorch or Tensorflow  
  • English language that allows the reading of technical documentation   


It would be great if you could add to the above: 

  • Experience with both RTOS systems, such as FreeRTOS  
  • Driver development, experience with Kernel/Module. 
  • Experience with multithreaded programming, object oriented design, and real time processing considerations  
  • Experience in safety critical software. 

How do we work:

  • Pytorch, Pytorch Lightning, dozen other libraries for Computer Vision and Deep Learning things.  
  • Hydra and ModelDB2 for models versioning, metadata, and experiment management.  
  • TensorRT, ONNX for model deployment.  
  • Own GPU-Servers for models training (plus Cloud if needed).  
  • Atlassian stack: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket.  
  • Jenkins for CI/CD. 
  • Docker & K8S 
  • Static Code Analysis, Code metrics  
  • Scrum tuned to Data Science needs plus stuff from other methodologies like CRISP-DM and AgilePM   
  • Seminars with researchers from universities, reading clubs, tech talks. 

Packages and extras

  • Trainings
  • Conferences
  • Books
  • Language courses
  • Financial bonus


  • Car parking
  • Fruits
  • Shower
  • Chill room
  • Integration events
  • Bicycle parking

test, interview, optional homework



Promity was founded in 2009 by two programmer colleagues, initially providing IT consulting services. Today Promity is a team of 60 people: data scientists, developers, project managers, consultants, and trainers.    

At Promity, we believe that maintaining a loose structure and unforced natural relationships will create valuable bonds that make the organization a close-knit team of people first and foremost, rather than a set of artificial rules, policies, and procedures.  

In the Data Science Team, we deal with structured data, for example, insurance product recommendations, and unstructured data, especially photos and videos. The Promity team has received awards in Data Science competitions and developed real ML solutions available on the global market. Part of tasks related to Computer Vision concern CX-Metrics solution, which is a bold idea to make use of present CCTV cameras in shopping malls and turn stores into laboratories. We also have other projects - for example, SafetyWatch or solutions focused on face analysis, which you can find on RapidAPI.