Senior Cloud Network Developer

  • GSK Tech Centre
  • Poznań
  • Employment contract


Experience level: Senior

Basic qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in designing cloud and data center networks
  • Working experience with Azure and GCP
  • Knowledge of Multi Region & Multi-Tenant Topologies, Auto Scaling, Load Balancers, (reverse) Proxy Servers, SNS, DNS, CDNs and WAFs
  • Prior experience in MAN/WAN technologies
  • Security controls for WAN, VPN, ExpressRoute and other Cloud Connectivity architectures
  • Routing and switching, with overlay SDN technology
  • Automation and scripting such as Python, Bash, PowerShell etc.
  • Expertise with network security tools

Preffered qualifications:

  • Experience with, and expertise in, Cisco and Palo Alto products would be highly beneficial
  • Knowledge and experience in compliance and security frameworks would be a plus


Necessary on this position:
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Python
  • Bash
  • PowerShell

Project you can join

Main responsibilities:

  • Define the architecture of network standards for GSK systems operating in public cloud
  • Expand on existing corporate design standards for cloud networking
  • Develop technical requirements, solutions and associated documentation for the cloud networking space across GCP and Azure
  • Implement networking changes in Azure and GCP through infrastructure as code and automation
  • Develop globe-spanning solutions to implement hybrid cloud solutions between on-prem environments and cloiud environments


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