Senior/Technical Lead Full Stack Developer (Angular+Node)

Luxoft Poland
Online interview
B2B Employment contract
Remote possible

Project description

The goal of the project is building a Venture Capital application to track, model, analyze private firms (startups etc). Entire app on JS, Data in a relational DB. We want to build it modern way and need a developer who can say "this will work better distributed over a cloud" or "these services should be stateless" - make architectural advisory within one app. Almost greenfield, almost full architecture decision power.

We are looking for bright people with engineering talent and highly proficient in their technological area, ready to continue learning and challenging the status quo as they work, willing to learn from mistakes and continue excelling. We follow clean code and SOLID principles.

Your tasks

  • Assume Technical lead responsibilities and ownership over building venture capital application
  • Develop Angular-based application with RESTful services
  • Maintain the code clean and readable, refactor and ensure unit test coverage
  • Contribute to overall solution architecture and design, come up with creative ideas where possible

Who we're looking for?

  • Experience in creating RESTful services (Express/Nest/Fastify/Koa or any backend language
  • Experience in Angular, Typescript, integration with RESTful services
  • Thorough understanding of asynchronous mechanisms in modern JS (Promises, RxJS Observables etc)
  • Actively practice clean code, SOLID principles, continuous refactoring
  • Fluency in operating with no-sql databases
  • Fluency with Git
  • Covering code with unit tests in TDD manner
  • Experience with Graph databases
Work environment

Our company

Luxoft Poland

Krakow, Wrocław, Warsaw, Gdańsk 1500
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Android
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Go

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