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Project description

You'll be working within WMPC IT Development in Krakow. We plan and lead IT projects for an area called Channels & Workbenches and create solutions which are directly client facing. That is the area, where we build our applications for e-banking and client advisor workbench. It's a very demanding, fast paced and exciting environment.

We are operating in SAFe framework. The portfolio consist of 8 applications, MCCS/Genesys is one among all.

  • We have various projects in our portfolio, mainly categorized as business driven (feature development, large scale Genesys onboarding projects, Channel development projects, cross-stream journey developments, Pilots etc.) and IT driven (EoL, technical migrations/remediations, product lifecycle, technical debts), both are equally important.
  • MCCS provides an integrated working environment (named MCCS, Multichannel Contact Center System) for Contact Center staff to efficiently handle in- and outbound communication on electronic channels such as phone, text chat, video, document sharing, social media, etc.
  • Interacts and integrates with all bank internal systems that are necessary to handle the banking specific inquiries and transactions offered via the Contact Center
  • It is highly dependent on 3rd party telephone system (Genesys)

MCCS service various service lines, market segments and corporate functions globally. This platform is based on Genesys COTS software

  • The demand for changes activities is growing and expected to grow significantly in the next months.

We want to extend our project team which has 40+ people distributed across CH, APAC and Poland.

Your tasks

You are:

  • a strong software engineer with high dedication to frontend development
  • showing high degree of creativity by designing user-friendly applications
  • a good team player
  • analytical skilled person who manages to cope with complex challenges in software engineering
  • a strong written and verbal communicator, comfortable interacting with colleagues in English
  • motivated and a self-reliant person
  • reliable partner who's known for delivering in time

Who we're looking for?


We are looking for a qualified person to join our team and you have:

  • Comprehensive knowledge in Software Engineering with JavaScript, React
  • Deep understanding of frontend development tools and technologies (e.g. NPM, Webpack, JS Unit Testing, GIT / GITLAB, CSS Pre- and Post-Processors, Responsive Webdesign, REST / SOFEA, ...)
  • Experienced developer for development of interface development for 3rd party solutions
  • a strong understanding of the software development lifecycle and Agile methodologies
  • experience in a global environment
  • a positive attitude and a great interest in shaping the future of technology in banking
  • Experience with Genesys CC Pulse or Pulse
  • Contact Center domain knowledge
  • JAVA know how

Our company


Gdańsk, Wrocław, Warsaw, Krakow, Zug 13000
Tech skills
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .Net

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