, a fast-growing browser games platform, is looking for a Product Engineer (REMOTE). As our Product Engineer you will play a crucial role in bringing our product to the next level and build the global market-leading casual browser games platform. You will work as a product engineer (a full-stack software engineer with a lot of participation in product management) for products used by close to 35 million monthly users. is an HTML5 browser games platform with 35M monthly active users from countries around the world. In just a few years, we’ve grown from a hobby project to a team of 30 experts.

Key outcomes for the role:

  • Within 1 month, you fully understand how games get selected for certain users on the platform
  • Within 3 months, you have implemented product changes visibly improving the workflow for internal users
  • Within 6 months, you have taken responsibility for rolling out AB testing for different versions of a game.
  • Within 12 months you will fully understand the high-level architecture of the codebase so that you can work together with our Tech Lead to specify and coordinate large new user features that encompass multiple code projects.

What we offer:

  • Top-notch engineers as colleagues. We like to hire experts.
  • A modern tech stack: Node.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL. Terraform infrastructure on AWS.
  • A lot of responsibility and freedom. We hire only experts and trust them to deliver excellent results.
  • Flexible working hours and location. The results are what count!
  • Team weeks: we organize a week somewhere in Europe once or twice per year. We pay for transport and accommodation so you can have fun with the team.
  • The opportunity to play games and claim it's work.

Job requirements:

Reach out if:

  • You are intelligent, efficient, pragmatic, and organised.
  • You have managed (parts of) a website or web product successfully before.
  • You have good software engineering skills and knowledge of technical concepts in the context of the web.
  • You can think in terms of users, can judge and prioritise features, and can convert them into technical requirements.
  • You have an eye for detail and for the big picture.
  • You combine knowledge of software development with a business sense, an interest in UX, management skills, and strong analytical skills.