We are looking for a highly motivated Open Source C++ and Python Engineer to join Voltron Data’s team. On the team, you’ll have the opportunity to help support and grow an open source project used by hundreds of companies worldwide. You will work closely with the Voltron Data team, the Substrait community, and the Apache Arrow community to help maintain and evolve the Substrait ecosystem, the Apache Arrow framework, the Arrow Flight and FlightSQL transmission protocols, and the ADBC drivers. You will also get directly involved with the community by managing GitHub Pull Requests, issues and StackOverflow questions.

Why work at Voltron Data?

  • We are Going for Impact: We are a Series A, venture-backed startup assembling a global team to design next-generation data systems, creating a new foundation for data processing built on composable open standards, with Theseus, our GPU query engine for petabyte-scale ETL, harnessing the speed and efficiency of modern hardware.
  • We are Committed to Bridging Open Source Communities: We are a collection of open source maintainers who have been driving open source ecosystems over the last 15 years, particularly in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems.
  • We are Building a Diverse, Inclusive Company: We are creating a representative, equitable, and respectful workplace that prioritizes employee growth. Everyone at Voltron Data is bought into the company’s success; all voices are critical to shaping the organization’s future.

You will be doing some or all of the following:

  • Improving Substrait, Apache Arrow, Flight, FlightSQL and ADBC ease of use and functionalities
  • Enhancing libraries quality and reliability
  • Enhancing libraries internals and APIs to improve ease and efficiency of development
  • Answering user tickets (bugs, feature requests), helping contributors, reviewing Pull Requests
  • Writing prose documentation, tutorials, etc.
  • Developing new features to better address users' needs
  • Spreading Substrait, Flight, FlightSQL and ADBC awareness by authoring blog posts and attending conferences


  • Significant C++ experience
  • Intermediate/Advanced knowledge of Python
  • Basic understanding of Data Engineering or Data Science fields

Ideally, you are familiar with one or several of the following…

  • Open source development practices and social dynamics
  • Build systems, continuous integration
  • Binary protocols, binary representation issues
  • Low-level memory management in C++
  • Bridging C++ with foreign runtimes (Python, ie: pybind11, nanobind, cython or Java)
  • Performance optimization

US Compensation - The salary range for this role is between $145,000.00 to $195,000.00. We have a global market-based pay structure which varies by location. Please note that the base pay range is a guideline and for candidates who receive an offer, the exact base pay will vary based on factors such as actual work location, skills and experience of the candidate. This position is also eligible for additional incentives such as equity awards.

Voltron Data

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