About the Platform Team

The Platform team at Clipboard Health builds the tools and infrastructure to allow us to ship high quality software incredibly fast. Our team tackles some of the hardest engineering challenges we have at the company and the projects we ship are used by nearly every engineer at the company and affect all of our customers.

Our team recently led the charge to converting our largest application from once per week deploys to Continuous Deployment with over 50 deployments every day. We also pioneered an integration testing approach that has improved our practical coverage and confidence (particularly during refactors) while requiring less test code. A few other interesting projects that we’ve worked on include:

  • Standardizing deferred work via background jobs
  • Standardizing interservice communication via async messages
  • Building a load testing framework to simulate 5x peak traffic against key endpoints

We have big ambitions about what we can build on the Platform team, and we have the unique opportunity of modernizing the technology infrastructure for a hypergrowth startup. A few ideas for what we might work on next include:

  • A new library to standardize logs, metrics, and traces that are emitted from our applications to reduce noise and help debugging
  • Managing configuration in our services via code to enable a GitOps workflow
  • A centralized authentication provider to improve performance and security

We’re looking for highly skilled software engineers to join the Platform team to help us build the platform on which a billion dollar company sits.


  • 4+ years of experience in professional software development

We’re looking for engineers who are passionate about:

  • Performance
  • Distributed systems
  • Security
  • Observability
  • Automation and developer productivity

About our process

We believe that the best way to evaluate software engineers is to see them work, so we do our best to simulate an actual work environment with actual work problems (with the obvious constraint that we don’t want to take up too much of your, or our time with interviews). This makes our process a bit unusual, but we hope more enjoyable and a better way for you to showcase your skills.

In short, our process is:

  • A 2 hour asynchronous work simulation including a programming problem, code review, and debugging - regardless of the outcome, we’ll provide feedback on your performance on this section
  • A 1 hour synchronous coding interview with an engineer on our team
  • A 2 hour asynchronous session to create a new technical design in writing
  • A 1 hour system design interview, primarily focused on your submitted technical design
  • A 1 hour hiring manager interview

Perks of Working with Us

  • Do meaningful work in healthcare for customers who could really use your help.
  • Work on a product with strong product-market fit and a backlog of validated customer problems. If you build it, they will use it.
  • Enjoy fully remote work with zero commutes. There is no “back-to-office” because we were remote from day 1.
  • Being globally remote means we know how to work asynchronously. We work hard, but we also enjoy a flexible personal schedule and unlimited paid time off.
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