As a Backend Software Engineer at Noxx, you will be involved in building a hiring management tool with AI-powered features such as LLM, Image Detection, and Audio Detection. Your responsibilities include designing and building features from scratch, communicating asynchronously with the team, and making technical decisions independently.

Experience and Skills Requirements:

Must Have:

  • 5+ years of experience in web development
  • Experience in working for small teams or startups and leading a team as a tech lead/project owner
  • Proven experience in product development and proficiency in English

Nice to have:

  • Experience in developing ML/AI products
  • Understanding of AI Chatbot concepts (RAG/CoT/ReAct)
  • Experience in the HR industry

Technical Requirements:


  • Extensive knowledge of AWS, especially AWS CDK and CloudFormation
  • Experience with AWS Lambda, Step Functions, AWS RDS, GraphQL (Hasura/Apollo), PostgreSQL, Prisma, S3, and Auth0

Frontend (Optional):

  • Extensive knowledge of Next.js (React), Tailwind CSS, and GraphQL (Apollo)

Probationary Period:

We have a three-month probationary period where we evaluate deliverables, contributions to the team, and communication skills.

Logistics and Work Environment:

  • Location: Remote (Must overlap 5+ hours with PT timezone)
  • Commitment: Full-time

Team Meetings:

  • 20 min Daily sync (Monday - Friday)
  • Product Sprint planning (every Monday)

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Equity: 0.75% Stock Options (1 year cliff, 4 years vesting, $18,750/yr worth)
  • Unique Perks: A virtual credit card for benefits (Up to $300/month for co-working space/books)

For more information about the role or the company, please contact Tomo at [email protected].