About Medusa

Medusa is a commerce platform with a built-in framework for customization. We built Medusa after learning that all commerce companies always need some level of customization – even if they try to avoid it. Existing solutions force you to do hacky workarounds.

We are offering a better way.

Medusa has become the most popular open-source commerce project in under three years. Ahead of us is an enormous opportunity to build the platform that will power all digital commerce applications – existing and new. We are looking for great minds prepared to go the distance to build a once-in-a-generation company.

Building Medusa Cloud

All commerce companies need some level of customization. Our open-source product and modular architecture provide the foundation to support this. We have proven this. However, companies using Medusa currently need to manage their own infrastructure. This is a burden and requires dedicated resources to build and maintain.

We want to develop a cloud platform that sits on top of our open-source product, providing them with managed scalable infrastructure without compromising their customization capabilities. Working directly with our founding team, you will help shape how we structure some of the core parts of this new product domain and own implementation of these parts end-to-end.

Examples of what you could work on

  • A platform application with business logic related to accounts, projects, and environments
  • A workflow engine to orchestrate actions spanning multiple - possibly distributed - services
  • A bundler to create highly optimized bundles for serverless environments
  • A search engine to read, filter, and sort data living in distributed data stores
  • A product module that includes all business logic related to product information

Who you are

  • You enjoy solving highly complex problems
  • You have extensive backend engineering experience
  • You want to accomplish the seemingly impossible
  • You like to work hard
  • You despise a bad developer experience
  • You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment

Working at Medusa

We are a small team of 16 people, and we move fast.

In your role, you will explore a new, exciting product area of Medusa and work closely with our founding team to shape it. This means you need to be comfortable under uncertainty and be ready to take up a lot of responsibility from day one.

What you get

  • Opportunity to build a generational company
  • Highly passionate and gifted co-workers
  • Incredibly complex problems to solve
  • Competitive salary based on experience and qualifications
  • Generous options package - in the best 10% among peers
  • Autonomous work
  • Health coverage in the US

What we value

  • Hard work: We are tackling the problems that no one else in our space has dared to. At Medusa, you’ll work hard to solve some of the most complex challenges in engineering.
  • Great work: We build exceptional tools so other companies can build exceptional products. Everyone in our organization is passionate about our mission and eager to deliver their best work.
  • Collaborative work: We help our colleagues succeed. Give candid feedback. Tell them what they did right and what they can do better. Only this way can we improve.

Learn more

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