About us

We launched our first Shopify app in late 2019 to help individuals succeed in e-commerce. Our SaaS solutions are trusted by over 12,000+ businesses worldwide and have a five-star rating in the app store. We are focused on Shopify, the fastest-growing e-commerce platform.

Opportunities for you

  • Work with senior engineers in a small team. We are sharing knowledge and constantly improving our processes, to make the development as smooth as possible.
  • Discover and learn new technologies. Shopify’s dynamic ecosystem and the growing userbase encourages us to search for new approaches and optimisations - primarily, we work with React/Python/Django, besides that we are not locked to specific technologies and we always choose what works for us the best.
  • Manage your time yourself in a remote and async environment. Everyone has their own personal life and habits and we respect that.
  • Enjoy a personalised approach and space for growth. We value individuality and respect each person's uniqueness.
  • Benefit from open discussions and sharing your opinions. We are a team that helps each other and listens to alternative solutions.


  • Experience as a Fullstack Developer, working with React and Python tech stack.
  • Ability to take ownership of complex tasks and work remotely, demonstrating proactivity and good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of technical English, both in written and spoken form.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript and CSS3 is essential.
  • Experience in creating responsive and adaptive designs that work across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Strong knowledge of React ecosystem, single-page applications and authentication mechanisms. Knowledge of tools and techniques for minimizing load times and enhancing the user experience, such as lazy loading, code splitting, and caching.
  • Knowledge of frontend testing frameworks and libraries (e.g., Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress).
  • Proficiency in state management libraries (e.g., Redux, Zustand) and understanding of their integration with React applications.
  • Deep understanding of web development concepts & architectures and use of modern technologies is must have. Knowledge of REST API and GraphQL and caching mechanisms.
  • Good knowledge of Python is required together with familiarity with web frameworks for Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask). Django is preferred but not required.
  • Plus is knowledge of SQL databases (PostgreSQL), in-memory data stores and caches (Redis) and experience with asynchronous job processing (RQ, Celery). Experience with DevOps and management of the infrastructure is welcome.

Challenges ahead of us

  • Focusing on our flagship app Candy Rack, introducing new innovative features and keeping up with the Shopify ecosystem.
  • Enhance our existing Shopify applications by improving UI responsiveness and staying up to date with current UX trends to enhance overall user experience.
  • Optimize background processing and improve scalability of our apps to deliver a stable solution to our growing user base.

Our tech stack


Frontend: React, TypeScript, Polaris, Preact, React Query, Cypress, Jest, Tailwind CSS, styled-components, Webpack, React Hook Form, WebSockets

Backend: Python, Django, RQ, Celery, REST framework, Strawberry/Graphene, Postgres, Redis, Docker


Heroku, DigitalOcean, CloudFlare, Sentry, AWS SQS, Mailgun, Elastic APM


GitHub, JIRA, Slack, Notion, Loom, StatusCake

Why join us

  • We are no startup, "business as usual" company, or even corporate. We are a dynamic company that combines the best from each world. A company where people enjoy working and create value.
  • We don't have any external investors (neither are we looking for any). Everything we do is bootstrapped. We do things our way – things that just make sense to us and our clients. Common sense, data quality and customer focus are our core values.
  • If you're interested in e-commerce, you will have the opportunity to cooperate with experts from companies like Google, Avast, Isobar, or Expando.
  • The apps and online stores that we create have a significant impact on the businesses of our partners, often seen immediately. We are confident in our ability to provide additional value and enhance the overall success of our clients.
  • We operate as a truly remote-first and async-first company, allowing you to choose your place and time for work. We care about outputs and results.

Our recruitment process

  • Pre-screening - initial video call with our Senior IT Recruiter
  • Technically speaking - the first round of hiring with the Director of Engineering and Frontend Lead
  • Second technical round with some team members
  • Paid weekly assignment - a real assignment in our code base
  • All steps in an online environment.


  • 🏖 Work from anywhere and flexible working hours
  • 🖥️ Company hardware if needed
  • 📚 Education and sports contributions
  • 🌴 25 days of vacation and 5 sick days


Let us know using the contact form below, and we'll schedule a video call to discuss our mutual expectations.

We'll talk about the way of working in our team and what's your preference. We'll discuss your experience – what projects or products have you worked on, and what were your responsibilities. Last but not least, we'll discuss the expected terms and conditions.

Speak soon.