Nibiru Chain is a breakthrough L1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem sporting superior throughput and unparalleled security. Nibiru aims to be the most developer-friendly and user-friendly smart contract ecosystem, leading the charge toward mainstream Web3 adoption by innovating at each layer of the stack: dApp development, infra, consensus, a comprehensive dev toolkit, value accrual.

The team operates worldwide, allowing new members the flexibility to work entirely remotely.

Position Start Date: Available Now

Salary: Competitive

Regional targets (flexible): Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Poland, Norway, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Austria, among others.

In search of Community Managers, tasked with elevating the Nibiru's profile and expanding its reach worldwide. The perfect candidate will have a background in crypto community management, marketing, or growth, demonstrating a successful history of cultivating and engaging web3 developer communities from the ground up. Ideally, deeply involved in the crypto scene ('degen'), actively participating in airdrops, passionate about discovering new projects, and have experience with DeFi, Web2/Web3 Social Apps and Game Apps.


  • Administer and moderate communities across Telegram, Discord, and regional forums or social platforms.
  • Cultivate and direct the local Ambassador community to expand the reach of Nibiru's messaging.
  • Forge partnerships with influential figures and marketing collaborators to boost project visibility and uptake.
  • Implement strategies to enlarge the Nibiru’s community base.
  • Conduct AMAs to enhance engagement within the Nibiru Chain community.
  • Delve into growth and operational initiatives for Nibiru and its ecosystem projects, concentrating on DeFi, Consumer and GameFi verticals.