💡Project Description:

In this role, you will have the opportunity to specialize in leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize clinical and commercial workflows within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. You'll be at the forefront of utilizing AI-driven insights into trial design, indication selection, competitive intelligence, and market landscaping. Your focus in this project will be on simplifying complex data into actionable intelligence, ultimately enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across these vital sectors.

📈 Your Responsibilities:

  • Design and build robust, scalable data pipelines to support AI models
  • Ensure smooth data flow from various sources for analysis and deployment
  • Utilize state-of-the-art techniques for processing diverse data types
  • Oversee database management and optimization
  • Focus on optimizing data storage, retrieval, and security
  • Implement optimal data structuring techniques for vector retrieval and LLM behavior

📜 Our Promise (what you can expect from us):

  • 24-28k on a B2B contract
  • 100% remote work (but we have offices in Krakow and Warsaw and we’re happy to meet there from time to time 😉)
  • 1800 PLN per year for your self-development
  • 1800 PLN per year for all of your home office needs
  • Our B2B contract contains provisions that allow you to obtain IP BOX support
  • Integration events, education opportunities and much more…
  • A unique opportunity to take your career to the next level - we’re looking for people who want to create an impact. You have ideas, we want to hear them!

📌 Recruitment process:

  • 30 minute screening call online with our recruiter
  • 30-45 minute technical interview with our developer
  • 1h client call
  • Offer

🔑 Key Requirements:

  • Extensive experience with Python programming language and with data engineering projects (around 7 years of commercial experience)
  • Experience with data orchestration tools such as Airflow and Prefect
  • Good familiarity with PostgreSQL
  • Proficient in web scraping techniques
  • Strong skills in data manipulation with Pandas library
  • Understanding of parallelization techniques for efficient processing
  • Knowledge of anti-botting measures for secure operations
  • Proficiency in data orchestration tools for managing workflows effectively
  • Strong skills in designing efficient database schemas
  • Understanding of ensuring data integrity and reliability for robust systems
  • Advanced English in speaking and writing (you will be working with international clients only)

➕ Nice to have:

  • Experience with AI, LLM, and embeddings
  • Familiarity with developing multimodal models
  • Knowledge of database optimization techniques
  • Full stack experience with NextJS/React

The Codest is a team of true tech enthusiasts. We create custom software for clients all over the world, using our twelve years of experience and our genuine passion for what we do. The quality of our code comes first because… In Code We Trust! ✌️

Hi there!

If you haven’t heard of us yet, time to fix that! A lot of companies call themselves dynamic but we think we really earned that term with our fast growth and our plans to continue expanding. Our passion is programming but that's not all - we’re a tight-knit, professional community of developers that build products we can take pride in.

Why choose us?

We are Remote First, have been from the very beginning and we don’t plan to change that. Our projects come from some of the most exciting companies worldwide. We aim for long-term cooperation with our clients and projects you can really sink your teeth into. To top it all off, our benefits are fully customizable to suit your personal needs, whether it’s self-development or your home office must-haves.

Our recruitment process

Depending on the project, we aim for three steps maximum. First is a screening call with our recruiter (20-30 minutes) during which we will tell you more about the project, ask about your preferences, and do a quick technical check. The second stage is a technical interview with our developer - depending on the tech stack in the project, it can be 30 minutes or 1 hour long. The third step is a culture check with the client or the team in the project.