We are looking for an ASP.NET Core developer to maintain and expand a backend component of an existing fintech platform.

  • Maintaining, designing and developing server-side components (backend/service) of a larger fintech platform: APIs, workers, integrations, etc.
  • Evaluate tools, frameworks, and processes to determine the best fit for our products.
  • Assure the highest code quality and performance.

Job details

Online recruitment. B2B contract. Flexible working hours. Remote / Poland.

  • A person who likes to program and does it well.
  • A person for whom code quality is important.
  • A passionate and open-minded learner.
  • A person with a strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Core skills

  • Experience with ASP.NET Core framework and fluency in C# programming language
  • .NET 5.0, .NET 8.0
  • Fluency in Entity Framework, MVC
  • Understanding of PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Fluency in Visual Studio, Git, CI/CD processes
  • Basic knowledge of Docker and deploying ASP.NET containers
  • Experience with implementing REST API services and securely transmitting information
  • between parties.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to debug and optimize code for performance and scalability.

We are Codespot, and we deliver demanding software solutions. We work on cutting-edge and challenging technologies and undertake complex projects. 

Based on our expertise, we focus on a few selected areas:

  • Video and entertainment
  • IoT
  • Embedded
  • AI

Our story

  • We are a group of software engineers and entrepreneurs who have undertaken significant projects and large-scale product development. After successful exits from our businesses, we evolved into a corporate structure engaged in investment portfolios. After a few years, we decided to go back to our roots and be part of technology development. That is when we funded Codespot and built a development team.

We use

  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Go, Kotlin, Rust, Java, Python, Node.js.
  • Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, GitHub, and Jira
  • Docker, Android, iOS, AWS, Linux

Since 2015, we have been running Picasso Ventures, an investment company that provides software for demanding projects globally. We operate in Poland, the U.S. and Canada, and Western and Central Europe. 

Highly skilled people

Having a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds gives us the expertise we need to solve our customer’s biggest challenges. We are looking for open-minded and engaged people who are not afraid of taking responsibility and ownership of the project. We are hiring! See our open positions. Our organization is flat and the only thing that matters are competencies.