Implementation and administration/IT operation of Microsoft Azure Network components, such as Azure virtual Network Network Security Groups, Azure VPN Gateway, Azure NAT Gateway, Virtual Network Peering, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Load Balancer, Public IP Address, Azure Firewall, Azure DNS Private Resolvers, Azure Private DNS Zones

  • Implementation and administration/IT operation of Microsoft Windows Server (2016-2022)/Azure Infrastructure Services, Azure Subscription, Azure Virtual Machines, File, Print, Terminal, Cluster Services, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Azure AD etc.
  • Further development and maintenance of standardization and automation based on Powershell, Terraform and our landing zones on Azure
  • Optimization of existing processes and tools for the management of multi-tenant environments
  • Integration of new customers into existing operational processes
  • Participation in the creation of decision templates and concepts
  • Development and planning of service concepts
  • Project planning and implementation of commissioning and operation
  • Problem and error analysis, problem solving even in complex ones
  • Systems or system landscapes Creation of decision templates and concepts
  • Design / introduction of supporting tools and workflows
  • Conception, initiation and monitoring of measures to ensure service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Creation of strategic concepts for area organization
  • Participate in the further development of the portfolio

A fair approach to all people who want to join T Hub means that:

  • The recruitment process is transparent;
  • Our recruitment decision is based solely on an assessment of your skills (your race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, origin, disability, political view, appearance, or religion will not have any influence on yhe outcome of the process);
  • Regardless of the outcome of the process, you will get detailed feedback.

Working at T-Mobile’s T-HUB offers IT professionals a unique and highly rewarding experience on IT market. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, T-Mobile not only provides a platform to hone your technical skills but also empowers you to be a catalyst for innovation. You'll have the opportunity to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, from 5G to IoT and AI, shaping the future of connectivity.

Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace means you'll collaborate with a wide range of talented professionals, learning and growing together. T-Mobile encourages a culture of continuous learning and development, offering mentorship and support to help you thrive in your career.

Moreover, the chance to make a meaningful impact in an industry that's constantly evolving makes T-Mobile an ideal choice. Combining this with the opportunities that T-HUB gives you, we can take all the advantages of working at T-Mobile to the next level by allowing you access, to unique, numerous international projects - right here, right now.

  • Knowledge of different types of networks: Network types include Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and sometimes Storage Area Networks (SANs). Though some jobs may require more experience in one over another, having a basic understanding of the various network types and how to configure them will be crucial to your network administrator skill set.
  • Understanding of network security components: These include firewalls, VPNs, and access control. Knowing about common cyber attacks and the appropriate response to them is critical for a network administrator.
  • Familiarity with servers: Upgrading and configuring servers is a sought-after skill for network administrators. Windows and Linux servers.
  • Communication and teamwork: As a network administrator, you'll likely work on a team or with other organization members to ensure computers and systems are running smoothly. Being able to communicate problems and solutions with other people is a valuable skill to have.

Cześć, tu T-Mobile! 

Jesteśmy firmą technologiczną, a naszym celem jest tworzenie innowacyjnych rozwiązań dla klientów indywidualnych i biznesowych. Jako jedni z pierwszych udostępniliśmy na rynku sieć 5G, oferujemy najlepszej jakości usługi mobilne, a dzięki kilkunastu Data Center zapewniamy całe spektrum usług ICT. Oferujemy wiele usług z zakresu rozwiązań chmurowych oraz cyber bezpieczeństwa. 

W T-Mobile wszyscy żyjemy w świecie magenta! Kolor ten jest nam bliski, bo oznacza wiarę w powodzenie podejmowanych działań, pewność siebie i wytrzymałość. Właśnie tacy jesteśmy jako zespół. W #MagentaTeam stawiamy na wymianę doświadczeń, zwinną pracę i szybko adaptujemy się do zmian

T-Mobile to nie tylko praca. Tworzymy prawdziwą społeczność. Uwielbiamy się łączyć... i nie przestajemy się dzielić – tym, co mamy najlepsze:

  • #MagentaTeam- Fantastyczny zespół ludzi z pasją
  • #Agile- Najnowsze technologie i innowacyjne projekty
  • #StoLat- Dodatkowy dzień urlopu z okazji urodzin lub imienin
  • #Nagrody- Liczne konkursy
  • #ZnamTalent- Program poleceń pracowniczych

Szukasz pracy? Sprawdź co nowego na i aplikuj, aby samemu doświadczyć naszych magentowych możliwości.