As a senior expert, you will be responsible for the Mobile Access topics (including Spectrum, Mobile Radio Related, Antennas, Protocols and blueprint design topics), reporting directly to the Access Chapter Plus lead.

With your new team, you will drive forward the development of innovative and efficient mobile access network architectures, which shape the strategic investment requirement and cost structure of the next ten years and more for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group and provide long term support for DTAG's business targets.

You will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Drawing up technical strategies and policies for the mobile access area within the scope of DT
  • Tracking and analyzing the general technical trend, critical business factors and derivation of conclusions for the mobile backhauling area
  • Monitoring compliance with the strategy and general guidelines
  • Developing architectures and blueprints for the mobile access (for traditional and O-RAN based solutions)
  • Steering Spectrum Strategies and Technology Outlooks on Mobile Access Side

In addition, you will support the following activities:

  • Group-wide projects and programs with expert knowledge of the mobile access area
  • Representing DT on standardization bodies (like 3GPP, O-RAN) and in industry forums for the mobile Access area

Working at T-Mobile’s T-HUB offers IT professionals a unique and highly rewarding experience on IT market. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, T-Mobile not only provides a platform to hone your technical skills but also empowers you to be a catalyst for innovation. You'll have the opportunity to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, from 5G to IoT and AI, shaping the future of connectivity.

Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace means you'll collaborate with a wide range of talented professionals, learning and growing together. T-Mobile encourages a culture of continuous learning and development, offering mentorship and support to help you thrive in your career.

Moreover, the chance to make a meaningful impact in an industry that's constantly evolving makes T-Mobile an ideal choice. Combining this with the opportunities that T-HUB gives you, we can take all the advantages of working at T-Mobile to the next level by allowing you access, to unique, numerous international projects - right here, right now.

  • Alongside a university degree in engineering, science or business administration or similar qualification and post graduate title (at least M.Sc) we expect the following skills and experience:
  • Experience in International Organization will be seriously considered.
  • Several years of experience (at least five (5)) in the Group spanning the broadest possible background, including detailed knowledge of the international ICT market
  • A high degree of conceptual, analytical and methodical skills
  • Strong ability to take the customer's perspective and to analyze/improve business processes
  • Experience in team building with exceptional integration and team skills
  • Exceptional initiative and reliability
  • Exceptional communication and implementation skills and assertiveness, including experience of presenting to top management Decisiveness
  • Strong identification the Group's Guiding Principles
  • Excellent command of written and spoken business English and inter-cultural skills. Knowledge of German language will be validated as surplus in your candidancy.

Furthermore you bring the following skills:

  • Strategic - visionary perspective, capability of assessing in a differentiated manner the impact of your own actions on the Group's different business areas and markets
  • Ability to adequately evaluate risks, to make decisions, to accept responsibility for your actions – which may be based on assumptions in case of uncertainty
  • Taking cross-area and cross-functional incentives and requirements on board and actively integrating other people's perspectives into your work
  • Enforcing decisions even against resistance; constructive and factual resolution of conflicts and issues
  • Establish trust-based working and management relationships
  • Intercultural skills through sojourn abroad and / or international project work
  • High degree of personal integrity and exemplary conduct in line with the Guiding Principles / Code of Conduct
  • Ability and commitment to identify / promote high potentials
  • Willingness to work in Agile and flexible environment and structures

Cześć, tu T-Mobile! 

Jesteśmy firmą technologiczną, a naszym celem jest tworzenie innowacyjnych rozwiązań dla klientów indywidualnych i biznesowych. Jako jedni z pierwszych udostępniliśmy na rynku sieć 5G, oferujemy najlepszej jakości usługi mobilne, a dzięki kilkunastu Data Center zapewniamy całe spektrum usług ICT. Oferujemy wiele usług z zakresu rozwiązań chmurowych oraz cyber bezpieczeństwa. 

W T-Mobile wszyscy żyjemy w świecie magenta! Kolor ten jest nam bliski, bo oznacza wiarę w powodzenie podejmowanych działań, pewność siebie i wytrzymałość. Właśnie tacy jesteśmy jako zespół. W #MagentaTeam stawiamy na wymianę doświadczeń, zwinną pracę i szybko adaptujemy się do zmian

T-Mobile to nie tylko praca. Tworzymy prawdziwą społeczność. Uwielbiamy się łączyć... i nie przestajemy się dzielić – tym, co mamy najlepsze:

  • #MagentaTeam- Fantastyczny zespół ludzi z pasją
  • #Agile- Najnowsze technologie i innowacyjne projekty
  • #StoLat- Dodatkowy dzień urlopu z okazji urodzin lub imienin
  • #Nagrody- Liczne konkursy
  • #ZnamTalent- Program poleceń pracowniczych

Szukasz pracy? Sprawdź co nowego na i aplikuj, aby samemu doświadczyć naszych magentowych możliwości.